Symbiotic Products LLC

Eco Cleaning Tabs

$3.00 USD

These sustainable, mult-surface cleaning tablets will revolutionize your cleaning experience. Finally, a natural cleaner in a sustainable form. No more buying (and throwing away) a plastic spray bottle every time you need more cleaning fluid. 

Eco Clean Tabs are concentrated, Zero-waste, All-Purpose, Household Cleaner. One small tablet makes a 16-ounce spray bottle of red-rose, all-purpose, household cleaner. Just drop it into your empty spray bottle, add warm water and start cleaning sustainably.


Citric Acid 35%, Sodium Bicarbonate 22.7%, Alkyl Polyglycoside 20%, Glycerin 10%, Perfume 7%, Essential Oil 1%, Enzymes 4.2%, Benzalkonium Bromide 0.1%  

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