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This moisturizing sunscreen is made for those that need protection from the sun but also need a little extra love for their irritated or sensitive skin. All the ingredients used are for promoting gentle sun care for easily irritated skin and skin prone to eczema breakouts. Not only does this sunscreen calm irritated skin, but it also works to keep skin looking rejuvenated and moisturized (thanks to the helichrysum oil and rosehip seed oil). 

This is great for dry to normal skin types. 

This sunscreen uses oils that mimic our skin's natural chemical composition so that it will absorb quickly.

Made with organic and natural ingredients that are; 

-Vegan & cruelty-free
-Ocean and reef-friendly
-Naturally water-resistant
-Non-comedogenic (won't clog pores so it's good to use as a facial sunscreen too)
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Vegan Sunscreen | SPF 30+ - Aloe Vera & Lavender 0.5oz
Vegan Sunscreen | SPF 30+ - Aloe Vera & Lavender 0.5oz Sale price$6.00 KYD