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Selling a home these days can be tricky. Buyers have become much more particular and expect a lot more from their realtors. Few people care that a seller spent decades collecting snow globes, colorful porcelain dolls, or spoons from around the world. Instead, they’re looking for fresh, thoughtfully furnished rooms where they can create their dream setting rather than buy into the seller’s life.

This is why staging has become so important.

Staged can help with making a difference in your bottom line whether you are a homeowner or a realtor. We use our expertise to stage your home to appeal to a wide range of buyers. We customize our plans to fit your home and to maximize your home’s potential. We offer full or partial home staging.  

"You can’t list a house without staging it, unless it’s going to be a teardown." Fiona Dogan, Sotheby’s International Realty